My name is Ever Liddell, and my life is a hot mess.

My family doesn’t even pretend to understand me, I almost killed my (ex?) boyfriend, and now some dark, brooding stranger is stalking me.

Hell, I can’t even trust my own mind.

Still, things could be worse—at least I’m not a mutant…right?

Turns out I’m not as crazy as I thought, but I never should have gone back to Wonderland.

I’ve just been kidnapped by my ex-boyfriend–and his mother, the Queen of Hearts.

You think your boyfriend’s mom is a pain in the ass? I bet she’s never put you on trial for your life.

It’s Hale’s lucky day.

Portfade is no longer safe for me, so it looks like he’s got himself a new student.

But it turns out I’m not the only mutant in town. Hale’s got a lead—now we just have to see if the shoe fits…

We mutants have to do what we can to survive.

Just ask the twins.

They’re doing time for the brutal murder of an old woman–until we accidentally help them escape.

The academy is a lie.

And I’m starting to think my mutation is too.

In fact, only one person here is more of a deadweight than me—and she’s fast asleep.

A scandalous sim for a handful of beans.

A botanically gifted mutant promises to join the Society if we find his missing father.

It’s an undercover scavenger hunt up the beanstalk for Hale and me–I just hope there aren’t too many stairs.

Hale and I are out of our depth.

Someone else knows Jackson’s secret and they’re on our trail.

It’s the Futureblood Society’s first case—and it may just be our last.

I thought Hale and I understood each other.

Then Neve, his slumbering princess, wakes up, and I discover I don’t know him at all.

But Neve’s seven bodyguards do–and they are not happy.

My worst fear comes true as Hale’s ex turns up.

Now Hale and Neve have been arrested for murder.

My plan? Save them, of course.

How? I’ll figure that out on the way.

Hale and Neve are on trial in the Cusp, framed for a murder they didn’t commit.

But nobody puts my partner in a corner.

It’s the Society’s time to shine—because even mutants deserve a happily ever after.