Few survived the Artilect War. Those that did, are coming for us.

The Program Omega cyborgs left the Mainland to build a future. But now their enemies have joined forces—and taken one of their own.

Their only chance to fight back is to find allies, but when their hunt ends in a deadly confrontation, Ailith and the others must decide how far they’re willing to go to end this battle and who might be sacrificed along the way.

Because if humankind is to survive, they need to finish what the Artilect War started—even if it means destroying everything they’ve tried to protect.

The time has come to reap what we’ve sowed.

The Harvest of Souls is the explosive final book of the Artilect War, a series for those who love fast-paced, post-apocalyptic science fiction about cyborgs, artilects, and the future of the human race!