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Free Chapters Month: FULL DIVE by T.M. Rain

  BLURB In the virtual city of Atlantis, Wil Romero is a low-res avatar and failed dance club designer. He’d like nothing more than to log out, throw away his visor, and travel the world—the real world. Desperate for cash and an escape from routine, he becomes a test subject for a new, fully-immersive, simulated world. When the simulation turns deadly, Wil is swept up in a conflict that takes him from the back alleys of Atlantis to a hostile virtual forest. He must track a mysterious and elusive avatar who might know the truth of what’s happening, and amidst the chaos, Read More



  BLURB All Spencer really wanted was a normal life. College, a degree, maybe even a dissertation which culminated in finding a way to free his mother from the psychic snow globe where he last saw her. But as the powerless son of the world’s most powerful Augment, normal is too much to ask for. He’s soon sucked back into his father’s world of weaponized humans by his best friend, Eric, and the Crimson Mask himself. The battle this time isn’t with a psychotic robot builder, but with an enemy whose vision of the future is as infectious as the Read More

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Free Chapters Month: HUMAN: ARCA BOOK 2 by Karen Diem

  BLURB Death? Acceptable risk. Taxes? No problem. Ancient magical cutlery of mass destruction? Bad, very bad. Following a brief foray into the world of superpowered vigilantism, extreme sports enthusiast and halfhearted tax preparer, Zita Garcia, wants her old life, her shiny new abilities, and none of the consequences. She’s even willing to hide her powers since the alternative means endangering her family and living life as a literal lab rat. Unfortunately, supervillains are searching for the pieces of a decrepit magic dagger, hurting innocents and fueling nasty anti-super protests. Her close friends, who helped before, are barely speaking to Read More

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Free Chapters Month: THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION by Jenna Lincoln

BLURB After learning everything in her life was a lie, warriors Mara and Dalin are the only hope for the Laskan Commonwealth of Planets—and for each other. After learning everything in her life was a lie, warriors Mara and Dalin are the only hope for the Laskan Commonwealth of Planets—and for each other. FOR THE PEOPLE After discovering her true identity as a daughter of the Tree, and also the horrible fact that the war she’d been fighting was nothing more than a staged practice dreamt up by a maniacal queen, young Mara reunites with her long-lost family. But Laska Read More


Free Chapters Month: SABRINA AND THE GARGOYLE by Marie Dry

  BLURB Sabrina married Mark after only knowing him for two weeks. Although he’s the man of her dreams, the man she loves more than life itself, she’s started getting strange vibes from him. Sometimes, she could swear he moves faster than the human eye can follow, and she’s sure she’s seen him change into something with wings. Could he be a vampire? A gargoyle? She tries to tell herself she’s being ridiculous, that those things don’t really exist. But when a strange being bursts through her bedroom window and kidnaps her, Sabrina is forced to admit the truth—not only Read More

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Free Chapters Month: GARRICK: EARTH’S RESISTANCE by Theresa Beachman

  BLURB A disillusioned special operative. A brilliant bio-weapons engineer. London, desolate in the wake of an alien invasion. Six months have passed since the first meteorites landed, releasing relentless swarms of hostile insectoid aliens. With time running out, Dr. Anna Ward has been working night and day on technology to defeat the alien Chittrix. When her lab is attacked, she is forced to accept Garrick’s help to make sure her work has not been in vain. War-weary Garrick is driven by vengeance. The last thing he wants to do is to help a sexy scientist to safety across London’s Read More