Beta Reading: 30 Ways to Make It Work

I recently finished the last round of beta reading before my novel The Seeds of Winter goes to my editor, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the beta reading process. I enjoy the beta reading stage, both as an author and as a reader. As an author, it’s exciting when a reader “gets” my vision, and when they don’t, the reasons why are usually invaluable. Either way, it gives me the momentum to keep moving forward. As a beta reader, I love finding those manuscripts that give me a “holy s**t!” moment; it’s inspiring that there are so many Read More

My Dystopia: Em Frappier and SuperGym

In the last dystopia for the month, Em Frappier describes her brand-spanking-new-just-out-TODAY novel, SuperGym. SuperGym is located in the city of Famecili in the not so distant future. The city is surrounded by a massive iron wall and protected by sentinels from the rest of the world. No one knows what lies beyond the wall, and most people are too exhausted to ask.   Famecili is run by health guru and supreme leader, Benjamin Pratt. His main focus is keeping the city the healthiest in the world. Every man, woman, and child is a client to one of his many Read More

My Dystopia: Nikki Landis and Refugee Road

***Refugee Road is currently available for FREE. Where can you get it? See the links below*** This week, Nikki Landis shares the story behind her 1940s dystopia, Refugee Road. Refugee Road is a love story that takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic 1940’s era. The world is ravaged by never-ending war where negotiations have failed, and peace is as elusive as freedom. The militia has seized control of the ruling government, leading with an indoctrination of hate, fear, and violence. In retaliation of the brutal murder of thousands of lives, the refugees have banded together to fight for a future Read More

My Dystopia: A.W. Cross and The Seeds of Winter

In this post, I discuss the dystopic setting of my upcoming novel, The Seeds of Winter. The setting for my novel The Seeds of Winter is a dystopic landscape born of the struggle between three factions desperate to create their own utopias. Inspired by The Artilect War, Cosmists vs. Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines by Professor Hugo de Garis, The Seeds of Winter takes place in the aftermath of his predicted Artilect War, a global conflict over the creation of artificial intelligence. Each of the factions involved wished to create the version Read More