Just as I was wondering what to do with the remaining gallons of Wilton black food coloring I have, Destiny 2 was released and it hit me: cosmic meringues. I make meringues a lot. In fact, they’re my go-to party dessert because everyone loves them and they look lot harder to make than they are, especially if you throw in a bit of food coloring. The only downside to these meringues is that if you eat more than one, you’ll end up looking like a sullen goth with terrible dental hygiene. Eyes up, Guardian! Note: I used Wilton Black, Christmas Read More

Janeway mousse2

THERE’S COFFEE IN THAT NEBULA! Captain Janeway’s Dark Chocolate-Coffee and Strawberry Mousse

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Star Trek. And since I also love strong women characters, it’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Although she was afflicted by the A Strong Woman Cannot Cook trope (seriously, having a woman burn a pot roast in a replicator is so much more insulting to her strong-woman-ness than her being able to whip up a soufflé), she remains to this day one of my most admired fictional characters. She was smart, witty, and compassionate, and treated all life forms, even holographic ones, with respect. She Read More

The Eternal Love of Deanna Troi

One of the greatest love affairs in science fiction centered around the half-human, half- Betazoid empath Deanna Troi, counselor (among other roles) of the USS Starship Enterprise-D. A deeply passionate woman, Troi had her her share of love among the stars in her years aboard the ship. Some were good; intense but short-lived (Wyatt Miller, Aaron Conor, and Thomas Riker), some were bad (I’m looking at you Devoni Ral and Ves Alker) and some never really got off the ground (Reginald Barclay and Worf….aaah Worf). But one love remained constant for much of her adult life. This steadfast companion comforted Read More