When there’s nothing but darkness on the horizon you have one choice: fight or fall.

These incredible authors delve into five all-too-possible futures.

It is difficult to picture a world that’s as bright and burning as our parents or theirs could–not when the world is literally burning. When we set out on the journey that became Dark Horizons, we wanted to paint a picture of our very possible futures–and the strength and wits it will take to counter them.

Dive into cyberpunk dystopias, alien conspiracies, and grim, planetary struggles in these seven tales. And maybe, together, we can fight our way to a brighter future, both on–and off–the page.

A new generation of cyborg, we were supposed to calm hostilities between those who created the artilects and those who opposed them. Instead, we were the spark that ignited the Artilect War and imperiled the future of humankind.

Now it’s up to us to save the human race—we just have to survive it first.

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A.W. Cross writes romantic social scifi-fantasy and lives in the gorgeous wilds of Canada with her family and a deep nostalgia for the 80s.

You can contact her here.